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Tahe Clean Fixative Pump Spray Ultra Strong 250m

Tahe Clean Fixative Pump Spray Ultra Strong


What it is:

A finishing non-aerosol hairspray available in two types of holds: Strong and Ultra strong. It also works as a styling spray.


What it does:

It is an ecological spray that provides long-lasting hold to styles, depending on its hold factor. It brushes out easily leaving hair free of residues and static electricity, benefiting in movement, cleanness and maximum body. Since it is a versatile product, it is ideal for root lift, as a styling spray, or even as a setting lotion (on dry or damp hair).


How it is used:

As a finishing spray, apply on dry hair from a distance of 20-25 cm and leave to dry. Spray on roots for more volume and control of cowlicks (on dry or damp hair). Spray on damp hair and comb through to sculpt specific shapes and let dry naturally.

For example: water waves (finger waves).

Use as a styling spray on dry or damp hair to ease styling with unruly or limp hair.

Clean fixative spray can be used to set with rollers or molten browners, either on wet or dry hair, depending on desired effect.


When it is used:

Daily and continuous use.

After blow drying to hold style. During styling to create shapes and even before styling (on damp hair) for added control and direction whilst blow drying.



As a hairspray perfect hold of style, easily brushed out, leaving hair clean, shiny and with body.

As a styling spray: total control of hair without weighing it down and residue free.




Flexible hold



Protects hair from environmental stress and strengthens hair

Blow dry ‘memory’


Recommended for:

• Customers who look for a non-aerosol spray.
• Clean hold without static electricity.
• Work spray with flexible long lasting hold with added shine.
• Customers who look for a versatile and clean product (styling and finishing).


Weight 0.5 lbs


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