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Cinderella Hair I-Hair Fantasy Straight 18″ Medium Texture


Cinderella Hair I-Hair FANTASY 18″ Straight (I-Tip)


Lasts 4-6 Months when applied with Proper Maintenance 



I-Hair I-Tip Extension

Applied without heat or chemicals, I-Hair extensions are applied by using the 2 in 1 Loop/Hook Tool, which pulls the client’s hair through one of the I-Link cylinders. The extension is then inserted into the I-Link. Compress the I-Link using the I-Link Application/Removal Tool to hold the I-Hair extension in place.

I-Hair I-Tip Extension Removal

The I-Link Application/Removal Tool is applied to the vertical side of the I-Link and gentle pressure is applied. The I-Link is now an oval shape and your I-Hair can be removed. Your I-Hair can be reused if your stylist feels the hair extension is in good condition

• 18”
• 10 Pieces per Package

Straight 18"

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Fantasy Bright Red

Straight 18"

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Fantasy Bright Purple
Fantasy Dark Pink

Straight 18"

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Fantasy Pink Panther
Fantasy Royal Blue

Straight 18"

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Fantasy Leprauchan Green
Fantasy Bright Fuschia