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Agadir Hand Sanitizer Spray with Argan Oil 8oz




Agadir Hand Sanitizer Spray with Argan Oil 8oz

The CDC recommends that the alcohol content for hand sanitizer to be at least 60%, with additional hydrogen peroxide, to be effective. Many manufacturers are using Benzethoniom Chloride and Methanol in their formulas. The FDA has banned these chemicals, which are toxic to the human body, even if only applied to the hands.

Fantasia only uses the purest, cosmetic grade, 80%, crystal clear, denatured alcohol, that will kill 99.9% of most illness causing germs.

  • Micro Mist for easy, convenient, large coverage area. Spray on hands, front, and back for extra protection.
  • Fragrance free, natural formula.

ADDITIONAL USES: Computer Keyboards, Shopping Carts, Door Handles, Steering Wheels, Airplane Travel, Remote Controls, Gym equipment & many other uses!

Size: 8 fl oz

Weight .60 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 7 in



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