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Magic Sleek 2-Step Express Hair Straightening Kit Liter 33.2 oz

100% Formaldehyde Free

Express Straightening System


Magic Sleek 2-Step Express Hair Straightening Kit Liter 33.2 oz

The Next Generation of Healthier Hair

Kit Contains: 

Step 1: Express Prepare Shampoo 1 Liter

Step 2: Express Relaxer 1 Liter

Magic Sleek Express has all of the same ingredients as the Traditional Magic Sleek. It is milder and targeted to the client who is interested in a hair straightening treatment lasting 3-4 months. The Express Treatment takes half the time as the Traditional. A unique combination of Tannins, Argan oil extracts, and Amino Acids are what set Magic Sleek apart from any other hair straightening system on the market today! Magic Sleek has been rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness and is 100% formaldehyde free containing no methylene-glycol or any other harsh chemicals that produce formaldehyde when heat is applied. Magic Sleek has none of the health risks or side effects of other products. Magic Sleek is safe for women of all ages and can be used on bleached hair, ethnic hair, and even virgin hair. Simply by adjusting the technique used, Magic Sleek can be customized to cater to different hair types and offer a variety of results. All with the same three-step system, you can achieve a pin-straight look, you can straighten the hair while still retaining body, or you can remove frizz, redefining a curl entirely.

  • No Harsh Fumes
  • Lasts Up to 6 Months
  • Increases Shine
  • Protects from UV Rays
  • Not Time Sensitive
  • Works on All Types of Hair
  • Can Shampoo the Same Day
  • Can Single Process Color the Same Day
  • Can Swim in Chlorinated & Saltwater
  • Vegan & Never Tested on Animals

Magic Sleek Express Prepare Shampoo is a strong non-residual shampoo used to make sure the hair is cleansed and the hair cuticles are open to allow the product to saok in. Its formulation moisturizes and emollients the hair carefully and help realignment. Directions: For sensitive hair (tinted, bleached) unwashed for 3 days, skip to Step #2 (do not wash), for better results. For natural or ethnic hair, wash once. Allow to soak for a few minutes, rinse well. Dry the hair 100%.

Magic Sleek Express Relaxer is a faster product made with Brazilian rain forest fruits. Results can be spectacular for dry or lack luster hair, fly away hair, and with frizz. This system has been developed to resolve not only these problems, but also provide a more natural and healthy approach to hair straightening. Directions: Follow instructions for Step #1. Separate the hair section by section. Apply Relaxer layer by layer onto the hair. DO NOT USE EXCESSIVE PRODUCT, just enough to moisten. Used gloved hands and/or comb to apply the product and untangle the hair. Allow to soak for 45-50 minutes. Rinse partially with a little conditioner. Dry hair 90% while aligned with gloved hands, Once dry, apply the flat-iron on thin sections at least 10-15 times with the highest temperature the hair can bear. Apply a conditioner and rinse (optional). Dry hair.

*Magic Sleek highly recommends NOT using Magic Sleek on natural gray hair that is gray from roots to end because it can turn the hair yellow*

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 13 in


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