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Screen OXY Cream 3.5 Volume Developer

Oxy Cream 3.5

3.5 Volume Oxidizing Emulsion



Screen OXY Cream 3.5 Volume Developer

Oxidant cream particularly indicated for toning or colorings that do not require base lightening. Moreover, the absence in it of a lightening strength on the bases makes it an optimum solution for who desires coloring effects on natural hair.

The particular creamy consistency encapsulates odors making them less persistent in the salon. Formulation rich in emollient and conditioning substances. It allows maximum respect for the skin during treatments. Its soft and creamy texture speeds up mixing times with color and other technical products.


Sunflower oil . Rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant, it gives softness and nutrition to the scalp, eliminating dryness and lack of hydration. Hydrates and renews the hair, leaving it soft and silky.

Vitamin mix. E: protective, with high antioxidant power C: participates in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, it is therefore a fundamental component for the health of the hair B3: energizing, necessary component for the metabolism of cells B5: moisturizing, involved in the metabolic process of many functions, maintains the correct level of hydration of the hair B6: essential element for normal cellular functioning.

SIZE: Liter/1000 ml


Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 1 in



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